Permes Cattery is a small cattery based in WA state.  Located in a quaint little Norwegian town called Poulsbo.  It is only a ferry ride away from Seattle.

I have decided to keep my cattery small and focus on the Old Style Applehead Siamese and Balinese only, with the exception of a foundation cat from modern healthy and genetically sound lines from time to time that I may introduce for genetic diversity.  My breeding program will stay focused on developing the four main colors such as; seal, chocolate, blue and lilac points as well as lynx points and including exceptionally rare colors such as cinnamon and fawn points.  I am very excited for the future of the breed.

Please contact me any time to inquire about my cats and kittens.  If you are interested in some of my rarer colors like the cinnamon and fawn, I do plan on making these colors the focal point of my program. 

Thank you,